Thursday, September 23, 2010

International Love Heart Bearbrick

This is one of my favorite Bearbrick designs. When the 400% + 100% set came out in 2007, I had to get it immediately. It was the striking red color and simple love heart shape on its chest that caught my eye.

The heart shape on the Bearbrick’s chest is made up of different texts, showing the word ‘love’ in 16 languages. Since then, this design has came up in a 1000% size (in 2009), a Chogokin die-cast 200% size (a few months ago) and just two weeks ago, a 70% size.

This 70% size is a part of  Medicom’s Birthday Bearbrick series. It's a Bearbrick phone strap and comes with a date and month which you can attach to the Bearbrick.

This International Love Heart was designed way back at 1967 by pattern and fabric designer, Alexander Girard (1907 – 1993). And he’s not a stranger to Bearbrick designs. A lot of his designs have been featured on 100% and 400% Bearbricks. He was also one of the Artists in Series 17. I’m sure we are gonna see more of his works.

“The hope for good design lies in those designers who believe in what they do, and who will only do what they believe … contrary to hearsay, it is possible to make a living that way.” – Alexander Girard

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- International Love Heart 70% Birthday Bearbrick

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UNKLE Bearbrick 400%

Released on September 4 was the new cool Bearbrick figure by British electronic duo, UNKLE. A 400% clear version and two 100% (a clear version and a dirt green camo version) Bearbricks.

I don’t think it’s a new design, though. The artwork on these Bearbricks is actually the same as the Bearbrick UNKLE designed during the 2004 BWWT (Bearbrick World Wide Tour). See the photos I took.

The Bearbrick was just reproduced in a clear version, compared to the previous bluish color. I didn’t get the 100% green camo version because it didn’t get my attention. I didn’t want to get both 100% versions so if I had to choose between the clear one and green one, of course I would get the clear one. They’re the same price anyway….

But the 400% clear version is a neat-looking piece. This is a piece I recommend to Bearbrick collectors out there. Get it before it gets sold out!

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- UNKLE Bearbrick 400% (Blue version from BWWT 2004)
- UNKLE Bearbrick 400% and 100% (Clear versions)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mickey Mouse Bearbrick

It took quite a while for Mickey Mouse to become a Bearbrick. Mickey Mouse officially came out as a Bearbrick ‘Animal’ in Series 17.

Even Winnie the Pooh came out earlier way back in Series 3 as a secret hidden Bearbrick.

Other Disney characters, Mickey included, were out only as Kubricks (Disney Kubrick Series 1-7) before the Mickey Mouse Bearbrick. Don’t know why it took so long.

But now that Mickey Mouse is a Bearbrick, Medicom has pushed it too far. Now, Mickey is out in different variations.

Let’s count all the Mickeys:
- Bearbrick Series 17 Animal
- Bearbrick Series 17 Secret Vintage (or Old School) Mickey
- Bearbrick 400% Vintage Mickey
- Bearbrick 1000% Vintage Mickey
- Bearbrick 100% Mickey Mouse as Peter Pan
- Bearbrick 400% Mickey Mouse as Peter Pan
- Bearbrick Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Box Set (Black and White Version)
- Bearbrick 400% Vintage Mickey (Black and White Version)

I don’t have space to collect the 1000% size and I’m still thinking if I should get the 400% Vintage Black and White Version.

As if these aren’t enough, here’s a pic I took from Hong Kong’s AniCom a few months ago: A prototype of the die-cast Bearbrick 200% Mickey Mouse Chogokin (θΆ…εˆι‡‘). This was also featured in the Medicom Exhibition 2010 in Tokyo. This I got to have.

If I missed any other Mickey Mouse Bearbrick, let me know.

Featured Items:
- Mickey Mouse Bearbricks (as described above)
- Mickey Mouse and Julius Kubricks from Runaway Brain

Saturday, September 4, 2010

X-LARGE 17th Anniversary Flocked Bearbrick 400%

X-Large is a urban youth clothing line founded in Los Angeles in 1991. With Mike D, one of the hip-hop trio Beastie Boys, wearing it around in videos and on concert tours, everyone took notice. They started off designing T-shirts and caps with the X-Large gorilla logo.

 From there, the brand became popular. The second store opened in 1992 in Tokyo, then the third store in 1993 in New York. Then in 1994, X-Large’s first sister store, X-Girl, opened.

Some people think that the X-Large brand is a less expensive alternative to the ‘A Bathing Ape’ (BAPE) clothing line since they both use the ape or gorilla theme in their designs. But I’m sure everyone can differentiate between both brands.


X-Large has designed a few Bearbricks but only one version has attracted my attention: The 17th Anniversary Flocked 400% Bearbrick. X-Large’s year of inception, 1991, and its classic gorilla logo are featured on the Bearbrick. 

Featured Item:
- X-Large 17th Anniversary Flocked Bearbrick 400%

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cheshire Cat Bearbrick and The Mad Hatter Kubrick (Alice In Wonderland)

Who didn’t enjoy Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’? Seeing Alice grown up and returning to Wonderland, it gave everyone an imaginative and magical adventure. Alice gets to meet her friends again: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. 

No one could play a better role of the Mad Hatter than Johnny Depp. Well, he’s just perfect for characters like these with his experience as Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. 

Medicom transformed the Cheshire Cat into a Bearbrick, I guess, because of its symbolic bright blue eyes and mischievous grin. It looks like it’s gonna hypnotize you!

Coming in a few months is another Alice in Wonderland Bearbrick and Kubrick set. You’ll see the Mad Hatter in blue and Harry the White Rabbit will take the Bearbrick role. I don’t really need another Mad Hatter Kubrick. I would rather have a Red Queen Kubrick. Now, won’t that be really cool. 

Mad Hatter Kubrick & Harry The Bearbrick.. err.. White Rabbit
I want a Red Queen Kubrick!!

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